1. Wesful

    Mini Arrow Servo Setup Problem

    Hi all, I recently finished building my Mini Arrow (which is the second plane I've ever built) and I'm having trouble setting up the servos. In the build video, Josh connects the servos to the receiver and can control both servos with one channel. I tried doing the same, but I can only control...
  2. mayan

    Help! ES9251II servos vs. ES9051

    Hey everybody, I am super bumped out after waiting for a month and a half for my servos to arrive with a few problems in the middle. I had finally received the servos. Although I have received the wrong servos and received ES9251II servos instead of the ES99051 servos I wanted. This is a link to...
  3. ServoCity

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  4. R

    RC T-65 X-Wing Starfighter Star Wars - Aileron/Elevator please help

    Hi, I recently started working on making an RC Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter. I don't have room for normal elevators, so I wanted to try to make my ailerons on each wing work together as elevators. The two top adjacent wings work as normal ailerons, going different directions, and same goes...
  5. A

    is this an ok fix for a controll horn very important

    i broke my controll horn and decided to put hot glue on the back not sure if its a ok fix and if it will hold up need opinions. i bought some new black ones but there to low and dont rlly work for the plane sorry about image quality btw its dark rn so camera isent very good thanks bye
  6. ServoCity

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  7. ServoCity

    Tech Tip - Secret Life of Servos

    Excited to launch our new Tech Tip video series - The Secret Life of Servos! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch our newest releases. Stay tuned . . . The Secret Life of Servos - What is a Servo?
  8. P

    Calipso glider servos

    ive flown my calypso glider before but I switched out the receiver for a flysky one today to go with my new radio. Whenever I bind it the shudders khudder and can't be controlled. Any ideas as to what the issue is?
  9. ServoCity

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  10. A


    Hi there! I'm a young kid getting into the hobby and started out by scratch building a mini arrow. I am wiring up my servos now and when I move the right stick horizontally the elevons pitch, and when I move the right stick vertically they roll. IDK if there is a way to switch channels 1 and 2...
  11. A

    Need help with my overly ambitious Tilt Rotor project

    So I've taken on quite the project. I'm building an AW609 Tilt rotor as a platform to develop Tilt rotor specific control software. The In order to fit all of my equipment I made this thing pretty large. It runs 2 Cobra 4130/16 390kv motors with Master Airscrew 16x10 3-Blade props. Now if you're...
  12. SuperFrodo

    Wonky Libelle DLG flaperon throws

    For the record, I did centre my servos. I'm 90% sure I did anyway... So I just got my Libelle in the mail along with the servos and other bits Dream-Flight recommends, and I finished putting it together with barely enough daylight left to give it a few javelin throws to satiate my desire to fly...
  13. S

    Servos locations - In or Out?

    Hi I have a question regarding servos placements: Flite Test designs usually place the servos inside the fuselage and away from the tail or wing edge. I find placing the servos on the side of the fuselage easier and more efficient. Does anyone think this can cause an issue with the flight...
  14. P

    Still need help with an FT Storch

    Hi guys - I asked this once and I am thankful for the answers but I still need more help. I built an FT Storch, I have installed the servos and have everything ready. The rudder and rear ailerons (I hope I use the correct terms) are working but I have no idea what to do with the wings. I cut...
  15. S

    KK 2.1.5 setup on 450 Heli but servo's don't work HELP!

    Hello All, I recently set up a 450 Heli with the HobbyKing 2.1.5 Flight controller. My radio is set to airplane as it should be, the flight controller is set to singlecopter 1M 4S for (obviously) 1 motor and 4 servo's. The problem I am having is that the board arms but there is no output to...
  16. T

    How Do I Connect Wiring to Turnigy 9X Receiver

    I need to know how to use the channels when connecting the ECS and Servos to a Turnigy 9X Receiver? IE - What is plugged into each channel on the Receiver? The receiver was initially set up by a friend, and Bound to the Radio, but I removed all the connectors to work on some items and promptly...
  17. K

    Servos, bomb bays, and channel confusion!

    I'm considering building the baby blender. I have a hobby king radio (6 channels) (HobbyKing 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 (Mode 2) to be precise) which I plan to use. However, I know that the baby blender is 4 channels, could I add a servo to the bottom to make a bomb bay? And if so, which channel to...
  18. P

    Any Idea when Servos for the Though Tilt will be in?

    Just wondering if you guys have an idea when the servos for the Tough Tilt will be in???? The Tough Tilt looks GREAT !! If it will be a long time until they come in please suggest an alternative. Potato
  19. TehMaxwell

    Why do Servo Gears Strip/Wear Down?

    Hey all, Recently I have had a servo gear strip out on a project. What causes the gears to strip and how can it be prevented? It would be a great help to me on future builds to know what design elements to put in to stop it from happening. Thanks, TehMaxwell
  20. D

    Servo switch

    How do you setup 2 servos on a spektrum receiver so they both work setup to one switch on the transmitter?