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i have an new AGM 30cc gas engine for sale

i have an new AGM 30cc gas engine for sale

Horsepower: 3.7HP/8500rpm
Idle speed: 1600rpm/min
Bore and Stroke: 36mm×30mm
Weight: Engine - 32.09oz Exhaust - 2.12oz Ignition - 4.3oz
Ignition: 4.8 – 8.4v
Replacement Sparkplug: CM6 or equivalent | Gap 0.018" to 0.020"



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
It is traditional to post a PRICE when offering an item for sale! It appears you are a vendor for AGM Engines from your 2 post so you should be posting in the Merchants corner. Please be upfront and tell us who you are instead of the suspected posting "tricks". ;)



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Yea, I can hardly wait to go plunk down some money to someone who seems a bit underhanded. I don't think so!



Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Gordon, (if that's your real name...) you do not have to try to be tricky advertising on the Flite Test forums. We welcome anyone that is involved in the hobby to share whatever they will with the rest of the community.

As Tritium says, you're not winning the trust of any of the forum members here when it appears you can't be honest to begin with.