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Item gone?


Senior Member
So I have an order for a Turnigy 9x from the German warehouse. Today I saw that the item is not in my whislist which is very strange because I always look how many backorders there are at the moment. Tried to find the radio... It's gone! Literally! Gone to the order page and clicked on the item I ordered. Throws me into the Turnigy radios section... Now what?......
Online chat is offline, I get some sort of error and Customer support takes ages... Well that's a bugger. Has anyone had something similar happen?


Flying Derp
I've been waiting for the 9x to come off backorder so I can pick up another and I've only noticed them at the Hong Kong, USA, and AUS warehouses.


Senior Member
So I canceled the order and will order again from INT warehouse.
Will have to wait for longer shipping time though...