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JB Simple Stik


I like Biplanes
JB Simple Stik

39" DTFB ultra stik based plane. This is a simple build with only 10 pieces to cut out and uses only 3 sheets of foam. Symmetrical airfoil set up for full length ailerons or can easily be cut on the score lines and split the ailerons to add flaps. Has slots on the bottom to use the landing gear and floats from the simple cub and simple scout FT planes.

I was running this on a C pack equivalent motor and had pretty good flight times and its quite agile in the air as an ultra stik should be. Attached are files in .dxf as well as a full sized PDF that can be cut down. I laser cut all my planes so I don't have a great way to break up the PDF. Feel free to contact me with questions and I will try my best to answer them.

two rudders are included in the file. one has larger surface area if you like a lot of rudder. If you want to go with a smaller battery than 2200 3s, nose weight may be needed to get the plane to balance on the spar. The rear servos could also be moved inboard further forward but that creates longer linkages which will likely cause sloppy control to the rear surfaces without guides or bracing inside the fuselage.



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I like Biplanes
Any construction photos to share?
Not really... I'm pretty bad about that. All that said, its a really straight forward build. If you have built any of the simple series FT planes, you should be able to look at the pieces and build this. most complicated part is the wing since its symmetrical. That said, if you take your time with it, its straight forward I would say.


I like Biplanes
Hi Justin,

very nice build. I like it very much. I like your drawings too.

One little suggestion: A short barbeque stick, hidden in the trailing edge in the middle of the wing, will prevent rubber bands cutting into the wing.

Have fun
Thank you!

Yup, do it on all of my planes like this. That said i made this wing a really clean, tight fit to the fuselage so I just scrapped some glue in to the trailing edge and covered with packing tape. Either option works. Could even glue a Popsicle stick to the wing just like the founders plane. Left that up to the builder!


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Any tips on building the symmetrical wing or is it as simple as gluing the spar to one side and then folding both at the same time?
Not sure if you are still working on it but here's how I did it:
I had to channel out the bottom crease some to get the wing to fold over all the way. After that I glued the top creases and folded the wing some to help hold their shape. Once those were dry, I did the same to just the bottom crease. Then I just glued the double bevel, spar and trailing edge to finish it.