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Joining the Lidl fun


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Bought only just in time as mine was the last in the shop!
A nice enough but the one thing that really annoys are those hugely thick trailing edges!
They simply do not go well with the concept of 'soaring'.
So my intention is to use Depron to 'extend' the trailing edges to a fine point something like this.

This is actually the tail plane but the wing & fin are similar.
The extension is made from two 2 mm Depron sheets sanded internally to retain the Depron smooth outer skin.
This also means the elevator (and ailerons) will be 'free standing' rather than cutting into the basic foam.
Progress do far.

The one piece elevator is top tape hinged. The 'rudder' is fixed. Together it has added 4 g.
I would like to achieve an all up weight below the impending UK 250 g registration limit.
We shall see.


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Thanks Caroline.
By the way you made a good job of 'hollowing out' the cockpit area. The EPP foam is very rubbery and is not easy to cut.

The elevator servo installed in the fuselage just ahead of the wing

The original nose weight 'bolt' that was housed in the canopy.

At 37.3 g it is heavier than the motor. ESC and Rx added together!


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The effect on the wing area of the tailing edge extensions that provide a sharp edge.

The outer portion is the aileron the inner is fixed but could easily be flaps!
The motor installed.

The motor bulkhead is printed. The motor is retained by 12 BA bolts screwed into threaded holes in the bulkhead all courtesy of my late Dads extensive collection of model engineering tools!