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Josh Scott is right, this is the best hobby ever.


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"the best hobby ever" used to be a tag line in the early intros for FT. I am not a very social person and I fly alone often but flying has helped me meet new people and build relationships with others I have known. I have buddy boxed and mentored coworkers and my children. I have met a new friend and introduced myself to dozens of others (far more than I would normally do outside of work). Because of the hobby I am not afraid to stop a flight park and strike up a conversation with a single person or a group. I am building skill, knowledge and using my brain in new ways. Plus I am getting off my butt and walking around (notreallyme will tell you I like to walk the field while flying). I have the best tan I have had since I was a kid. A big thanks to flite test and even Horizon Hobby for making this, the best hobby EVER, more accessible.

The simple joy of watching a UMX radian ride a thermal or the satisfaction of crossing the field inverted (or maidening and mastering a new plane) are things are look forward too all week long.


Whatever it takes, man. Have fun in life. Don't fear others. Many are D-bags, but there is no need to fear them. Those folks are just sad, lonely and pathetic.

Life is good. People are awesome. Those who aren't awesome are damaged and need help. Don't give them the power to make you doubt yourself. Existential shiz, right there.

Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
Because of flying I have about a dozen new friends that I would have never met if it hadn't been for flying. I used to fly alone but those times are fewer and fewer even though I like to fly alone. It is great flying with others and having a lot more laughs plus just setting back and watching others improve their skills and trying to do new things. When you need a break between flights others give you something to do while taking that break and getting your breath back (I still tend to hold my breath some what while flying


Posted a thousand or more times
Flying gives people a common thread to open up dialogue about, similar to how dog walking or a new baby can. I have a lot of small planes like the Champ, SCS and UMX Radian that I can fly in a community park. There is a grandfather that walks his grandbaby every day that stops and watches, smiles, and waves. I don't think he speaks any English but the fascination of flight is shared. Fathers and mothers have brought their kids over while Notreallyme and I have flown and sat and talked for 15-20min. I have had people spontaneously thank me as I was leaving the park. It is a little off putting when kids approach me with no signs of parent nearby but their interest is great.
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Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
I used to fly my Duet at the football field and I know about a bunch of kids coming out to play with you but with no parents and they all want to run out a grab it when it comes down. I like the fact that they have an interest but I had to fly when I knew they wouldn't be around as they would not listen and I didn't want any one to get hurt or end up with a broken plane.
Now i talk about flying like at the restaurant and people start talking to us about what we fly and wanting to watch and that is how I got 1 guy actually flying and we have had others come all the way out to watch. Our site is almost 14 mi. out of town so it is not convenient for most people to come out to watch. Most of us have a park flyer and may have a get together soon at our city park but there are very few spots that are open enough even in the park.


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I've mentioned this in other places in FT, RCG and RCU but I have been involved with a number of diversions over the 30 years I have been out of college (hard to believe it has been that long.) The camaraderie is enormous around small aircraft. I have to applaud HK, they helped me into the modern form of RC airplanes a bit over a year ago. I had flown sailplanes on 72 MHz twenty something years ago, and hadn't really kept up with all the changes. Last year, over HK chat I put together the first build I had done in over 20 years, now with foam instead of balsa. If you have someone to show you, it is so much easier - and pay it forward, right? The camaraderie around this hobby/sport/obsession is amazing. The internet is by far mostly good, although this flaming stuff gets out of hand so fast! But more is good by a long shot, than bad. If I could only visit two sites they would be FT and outerzone. FT helps with the moder, while bearing regards to the past heritage of the hobby. Outerzone is preserving the past and enabling it to stay current through builds of the classics and neo-classics. Because of all the "good guys" on the internet, I have a collection of electric motors, glow engines, diesels, old-time ignition engines, balsa planes and foam planes. I can't spread myself too thin and get into tri-, quad-copters although it is going to happen, sooner rather than later. My local club is a good one, too, which I just joined after a year of hanging out with them at the meetings and fields. I hope I can find other FT enthusiasts to fly with me in the Hudson Valley - Flynn and Steve, you are just a wee bit too far away in NJ to make that a habit(!) But your videos are getting very good - inspiration to the rest of us.
Poughkeepsie Pete.

PS My latest acquisition (today)


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