Jumper T8SG...anyone using or testing this multi protocol transmitter?


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Don’t know Eliza and no I’m not advertising. Just another newbie who is finally graduating to RCs. Serious question.


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Did you receive the TS8G transmitter and tried it out? I have one and I haven't been able to get it to work quite yet. It does bind to my flight controller, but there are other settings regarding to arming the drone I haven't figured out yet. Admittedly, I am very new to the stuff. It should be easier than this....


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imho, the jumper t8sg is the better value radio for most any pilot. i paid $72 each for the pair i have. this radio is multi protocol and will bind with all the popular rx's, has intuitive programming with model templates, does telemetry, and can be firmware upgraded since it's deviation open source code reliant. it doesn't come with a battery, which will be a simple 2s that works off its balance leads.

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