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Jumper t8sg range


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Range depends a lot on terrain and the receiver/aerial combo you have going. 2.4ghz waves don’t travel super far, their short wavelength limits the maximum range, that’s why things like the TBS crossfire use lower frequencies at higher power output, which can require a ham licence to operate.
Also you shouldn’t be flying outside of visual range, in many countries that is illegal.


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Considerably longer than the others. But as pointed out environmental factors play a huge part.

Direct Line Of Sight any of these radios should be good for 1.5Km - scratch that - 1.5 to 3 MILES. Anything with wood, water, dirt or metal in between reduces that significantly.

The radio in the Jumpers are configurable for output up to 600mA - this is 6x the output power of the others.

"technically" you "should" have a "special" license to use anything above 100mA and this power level can be changed per model ;) (it's called TX Power if i remember correctly.)

Either way - direct line of sight - my eyes can't see my planes THAT far out
I have a jumper t8sg and am wondering what the range is. Can any one tell me about what they been getting?
I have been testing my 2 T8SG v2+s at 150 uW (highest setting I can get it to go to). In a crowded neighborhood with houses cars, plenty of wi-fi in each, I get about 850 feet line of sight before the controls begin to stutter a little. That's definitely where my FT models are getting hard to see anyway.