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I didn't much know about airfoil. I am currently designing an RC plane in Solidworks for my project, and come across KF airfoil. But couldn't find the dimension of KF airfoil (KFm11 ) to insert in Solidworks in databases. So please help me with completing my project.


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Hey nivin,

even though I am very active in the RCGroups KFM Thread, I could not find any coordinates in the thread (not even in the popular databases).

The scientific data for KFM does not existent for the Reynoldsnumbers we fly our planes in, however the data we have do suggest that KFM are not as efficient as conventionell airfoils with the only advantage being that it is easy to build (for us aka RCguys).
We also have no data from the "Realworld" because comparisons have not been performed.

Simulating the KFM is also really, really difficult because the traditionell simuprograms can not handle this type of simulation, it requires a sophisticated transitionmodel, program and knowledge.

Long story, short; KFM is basically a big black hole with unknown properties.

You can extract the data here:

Please tell us every detail about your project.


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on the KFm wings I have played with I have gone up to 50% of the wing chord for the step placement. There are no set rules for it, but there are guidelines to reference from. I have a thread that discusses it some, link is here


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At the top of the attached photo you will see the percentages for the KFm-11.


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