KISS FC not getting power from WOLF PDB? Troubleshooting steps?

Hey folks, I just transplanted all my working electronics (KISS V2 / 32a) to a new frame tonight. The only change in hardware was a PDB switch from a Mr Steele PDB to the WOLF pdb.

I plugged in a lipo to test, but I only get a partial boot up. Normally when you power on KISS V2 you get the voice "KISS esc 32amp DSHOT detected - ready"

I only get "KISS esc 32 amp" and then the sound stops.

Upon inspection, FC has no lights. So I know the problem is here somewhere. My wiring is identical to this: here

Now, both the Steele and WOLF PDB's use 2 small ribbon cables to pipe power and data to the no other connections (minus RX) are touching the's a nice and clean setup.

I can only assume the issue is the power ribbon off the PDB. I supposed I can just jump VBAT directly to the FC , but wondering if anyone has any insight into why the WOLF PDB is doing this or how I can troubleshoot it.

Of note, the ESC's all stay powered on. So I do not think power to the entire PDB is the problem, it;s isolated between the PDB and FC.


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Can you get the pinout for the cables and see where vbat and gnd from the PDB are located. Then test with a multimeter if it is the correct voltage.


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There should still be two pads on the fc where the standard two wire connection can be made.

They "should be" parallel to the ribbon cable feed so you can use those as test points to check voltages.

My next thought is the Steele pdb has dual 5v an 12v supplies. If the Wolf only has a single supply and you are pulling power for the fc and all the other things like receiver and vtx and cameras you are more then likly seeing brown outs as everything pulls off one feed at the same time.
Thanks for both your replies.

I have been looking for my dang multi meter but can't find it at the moment.

I unplugged cam and vtx from the PDB to rule out a brown out but I'm still having the same problem.

Good point Snarls, VBAT pads should be parallel to the ribbon. May wire up the pads next after checking some stuff with my multimeter...if i can find it

edit: got power. Directly powering the FC from the lipo leads on the PDB powered up the board and got a full boot sequence.

Meh, that's lame, this PDB was is not cheap! I guess there is a problem with the power going to the ribbon cable. I will need to do some more bench testing to see if the rest of the PDB is functioning correctly. Thanks for the tips.
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Hey guys, bit of an update, last night I discovered why this didn't work out - there was a copper trace lifted off the Wolf PDB. it connected the 3rd pin from the back of the connector to a FET component on the board. Must've been missed in QC.