Revolt FC not reading PPM from OrangeRX receiver


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Hey everyone, I am working on a quad build using a revolt v2 F4 and an R617XL OrangeRX serial/ppm receiver. I have bound the receiver to my transmitter (successful because the orange light is solid) and the FC is properly communicating with Cleanflight on my computer. However, no matter what combinations of settings I try, Cleanflight does not recognize my transmitter when I move the sticks. Can anyone help me? For reference, I have the signal from the receiver plugged into TX1 and I have bridged the NORMAL pad for TX1.


Liam B

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From my experience, RaceFlight/FlightOne boards have always, always completely stunk because of their inconsistency. That is definitely part of the reason they went under, along with Preston Garrison stealing a ton of peoples money on the Falco boards and not fulfilling orders. Rant over.

Anyway, you might want to try a different UART (TX4). I'm thinking maybe the something blew on your TX1. I remember distinctly blowing several UARTs on the Revolt boards for no good reason and even having some come faulty from the factory.

Good luck!