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KK2 v1.2 need help!


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I have just receive my kk2 board from HK and it is with v1.2 I heard that v1.2 is encountering problem with auto level. i have bought a USBASP to flash but dont know if i need to flash them or which firm ware to flash to. i installed the lazyzero software and youtube videos showed that i can flashed firmware using lazyzero firmware provided but ther v1.5, v1.6 and v1.6 edited by .... Whose to choose and which to choose help!!!!
just load the KaptainKuk version of 1.6 unless you flashed the ESC aswell.

so unlessyou start flashing the ESC, stick to the original firmware for now.
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I'm running 1.6..

version 1.2 issnt really good with auto leveling.. I think 1.4 and up does have the same auto level, but I just flashed to the latest. as long as you on 1.4, you fine..

I flew on 1.2 for a long time, I can't saw its no good.. Its just the auto level that's better on 1.4 and up. (for me)