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Lap top recommendation


This is my first post here but I've been a fan and follower of flight test a long time. I'm hoping to get your input with specific makes and models of lap tops you'd recommend that would be good for 3d printing software, flight sims and the occasional video game. I feel like I'm out of touch with what decent specs are these days. I'm also not looking for anything crazy top of the line stuff more of a budget lap top. Any advice is appreciated.


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I dont have any specific recommendations, but in general, 3D printing software does not require any fancy specs to use, and the requirements for flight sims and video games depends on what sims/games you play. Laptops often use integrated graphics, meaning graphics processing built into the CPU (brain) of the computer. That should be good enough for simpler flight sims like RCDeskpilot, and lower settings Velocidrone/Liftoff/etc, and graphically less demanding games like 2D games, LoL, minecraft, etc. If you want to fly detailed flight sims and full 3D modern games, you should probably consider a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. So in addition to a CPU (intel/AMD), there will be an additional graphics card (Nvidia/AMD).

Additionally, if you want to design parts for 3D printing, you'll be using a CAD software. For better CAD performance, you want a computer with more RAM. At least 8 gb should be fine for hobby CAD use. Also consider going with a desktop instead of a laptop if you can, as it is cheaper to get better specs on a desktop than it is a laptop. Building the desktop yourself is even cheaper most of the time. But if you are set on a laptop then I think you can find a model out there that will work for you.
Thank you for your help. I haven't bought a new computer in so long that I don't know what is good as far as specs go. We've had Mac's for a while but I want another PC to run RF8 and do some CAD work on.


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@Ders7529 It would help to know the approximate budget you're considering as that will allow us to determine what is the best bang for the buck in your price range.


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I have been getting "USED" T or W thinkpads that are 5-6 years old. Can usually pick them up between 100-150 from a company that is just looking to replace their old gear.