Help! Large RC wheel suggestions


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I’m scratch-building a semi-scale electric 10-ft-wingspan B-25. When it’s finished, it’ll weigh around 30lbs. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for wheels? I was thinking of using a pair of Du-Bro 7” diameters for the mains, but they cost close to $50 each! :eek: Any and all suggestions are appreciated!
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Anything 7" diameter with a plastic hub should work. Lots of kids toys have such, and maybe $5 usd at a thrift store on a scooter or training wheels. Big problem will be the hub adapter because they are 3/8 dia holes or bigger.. making them look vintage WW2 however......


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if you can 3d print or borrow a hub, you could use the EVA foam from Anti-fatigue matting for the Tires. The bigger the tire might need more than one layer. Looking up construction methods from the Cosplay / LARP community. I figure if the Foam fatigue matting can handle a 200lb. adult, it should work with a 35lb plane. While I have done it with smaller wheels, it should work at the scale you are looking at. plus it can be hear formed, and sanded easily.
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