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LemonRX Stabilizer Plus

I finally gave up on my direct-from-China order and nabbed one of these from Buddy RC. Binding and initial setup on my DX6e were pretty basic and I had no problems running through the proper settings for my dual aileron input. Everything is working as it should with channel 5 toggling from off to gyro to full control. Even the flaperons work as they should when the stabilizer is off.

The one nagging concern before I maiden this 125% mini mustang is that the left aileron drops down into a 50% flap position when the stabilizer is in auto level mode. I tried reversing servos, turning off and on, all the normal stuff. Any ideas on what’s going on here?
Yes, I’ve read the manual (although I just printed a paper copy which might help) and I don’t see anything in there about why it would be dropping an aileron as soon as it’s switched to auto level mode. I guess I might have to recalibrate level and see if that works.