(SOLVED) Radiomaster TX16S MK2 Flap Mix Issue


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I am programing my Radiomaster TX16S MK2 for flaperons on two channels. Ailerons are on channel 1 and channel 5. When I lower the flaps one side, right side, loses aileron control. Channel 1 is the Left side, chapter 5 is the right side. I am using a six channel LemonRX receiver. I linked a video below.

Edgetx ver 2.7.1 as it came when I purchased it. Companion ver 2.8.0

I did a search and am not seeing a resolution. I doubt if I am the first to encounter this. I must be wording it wrong.





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On your mixes tab, channel 5 has aileron weight 100% with switch SB up. Channel 1 does not have switch SB on the aileron weight. Remove that from ch5 and it should be good


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Over on RCGroups User: mushroomed pointed out “First of all, you've got a switch (SB^) on line 1 of channel 5, but the same switch is not included on channel 1 line 1.” I made channel 5 identical to channel 1 which solved the issue.
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If you set up a slider or knob you can have more control over your flaps. . If using the switch set up a delay so your flaps deploy slowly and not just snap down can cause nasty things to happen when flying. Then put in down mix to the elevator so the plane does not balloon when the flaps come down.