LiPo discharge


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Hey guys, just curious what you dishcharge your batteries to, and what you use for an alarm or time. I usually use the throttle stick on my DX6, set to count down if throttle is above 25%, but i don't know if that's totally accurate. Just for example, I usually discharge 2200s 3S to about 11.5 which I think is plenty high. I've read 10.5 is okay, but I really don't want to shorten the life of my batteries drastically.


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If you discharge them down to 3.3 volts per cell you should be more than safe. Most battery places tell you that you should never go BELOW 3.2 volts per cell. I've always got them down to 3.3 volts and I personally have never ruined a battery at that rate. You battery mfg. should tell you most of the time too.


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I learned over 4 years that using a throttle % timer for me is the best way.

After some trial and error I can reliable bring my batteries back at 3.5v per cell and by the time they rest and get back on the charger they are at near perfect 3.7v per cell.

I fly quads and I can really stress a battery in under a minute and a half or I can be gentle and fly for near 8 minutes and still come back at the same point.

At this point if I retire a battery its due to physical damage not over use or improper care.


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Yes it is. Most modern and all open source radios have that ability. Its all in the same place you set your usual timers. Just edit the timer type.

Depending on my quad I set the timer for 1:15 to 1:30. This gives me a relatively accurate timer for 4s and 5s 1300mah packs no matter if I fly full tilt running gates or go all floaty doing freestyle.

The timer seems really short but it will click off 1 second every two seconds at mid throttle and 1 every 4 seconds at quarter throttle. But boy it seems to click off much faster then 1 to 1 at full throttle some times.

Its been a huge factor in my battery life. Once you get used to it you can get a bit more time letting it gey to 3.5 or even 3.3 volts per cell then resting voltage return to 3.5ish volts.

It all depends if you want longer life ir more air time from your batteries.