Lipo Disposal, Storage, etc...


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What I would like to see is how flite test disposes of old, severely damaged, minor damaged, and simply demolished batteries. The internet has loads of stuff regarding salt water bath,
discharge to '0' volts per cell, etc. What do you guys do for the battery that is (fill in the blank). Would like to see your charging setup, storage, and discharge setup. Or is there a chain store or store that accepts lipo batteries for recycle and safe disposal. I would say that 90% of people wouldn't know how to properly and safely take care of a damaged lipo. (myself included for now)
What brings my question is had a crash today that crumpled a part of the 3s battery, no puffing, sparks, or cracks noted...had a lipo safe bag handy and threw it in there and then placed it in an ammo can...just in case. The question is, now what? Feel it would be unsafe to discharge it as I may cause more damage than good. An article would be great and hopefully save people in the future if horrific events and potentially personal injury. Thanks in advanced.

crash bandicoot

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You are better than I am. Every time I have a damaged battery, I take it to a steel dumpster and let it go. I figure worst case it burns up and takes all the trash in the dumpster. I also don't know who accepts lipo batteries.