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LiPo Over Ethernet Charger - Because we can

Don't you hate it when you need to charge your LiPo and all you have is a network connection. Well have I got the solution for you, a LiPo POE charger.

LiPo POE.jpg

Most corporate network switches have POE (Power Over Ethernet) so that they can power a network device like a phone or IP Camera. POE is normal 48V, we got a converter to step the voltage down to 12V @ 1A and one of the guys I work with thought we could charge a LiPo with it, it worked :applause: Didn't want to push it past 0.6Amps though

It is particle , absolutely not!
Why did my mate do it? Because he could

Notice the 'ironic' power board in the top right hand corner


More combat please...
Is that a good charger? Can it charge to 3s at the same time?
Best charger EVER!

And yes it is capable of charging more than one 3S battery at a time. (usually only do two or three)
I have a parallel board (from HobbyKing) and can charge 6 batteries at one time.
Gotta know what you are doing... read up on parallel charging...
Will only do 4.5 amps max but works like a charm.
You can also hook it up to a bunch of solar panels.

I salvaged a bunch of garden lights - harnessing the power of the sun 1 panel at the time :D

Illegal in USA! But many use such devices anyway. If the phone company catches you they have a right to deny you further service. Watch out for the 100V ring pulse. Device/Charger POOF!

Reset assured no laws we're broken during this experiment, It's connected to our IP network, nothing to do with the public phone system offered by telco's

BTW it is a great charger, It charges lipo, life nimh and lead acid, I'm using it at the moment to top up an old car battery that we take out with us to the field to charge off, saves running the car battery flat. It's max charge rate is 50W but the biggest battery I have is 3s 5000mah so I can charge that in about 1 hour.
We also hook a fluro tube up to the car battery so we have some light when night flying or running night tracks with RC cars.


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Bollie, My comment was directed at the Phone Line powered comment. Private networks are none of the Telephone companies business or concern unless they are also your ISP in which case they can regulate certain activities that cross network boundaries.

awesome! i drive past one of the catholic schools up there every day after work and always see a few axn floaters on the oval. I work at the local hobby store hahaha