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Lipo Voltage Differences Problems


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Got 2 new Flolreon 5500 mah 3S35C lipo for my 100w LED project, after using them several times I found an issue about the voltage difference between different cells. The max difference I got when I was using it was 0.08v, but mainly between 0.04-0.05. After using it the reading is 0.025.Is that normal or there are something wrong with it? That battery was used only 5 times, and another one has no problem with that(Max within 0.01v). Both of them didn't get over charged/discharged and I storage them when each cell has 3.75v.
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I used Floreon 2200mah 3s orange labels not the red label batteries on my Versa copter. I loved them batteries before I swapped to 4s. They are hard to wake up though. I had the same issue with the ones I got. You need to short cycle them a few times to wake them up. I found if I hover for a minute to a minute and a half that draws enough power to get the electrons flowing. The first charge the cells will be varied by a lot. The second flight I do the same thing. Once the batteries start coming off the quad within .01-.03 between cells then Ill start upping the flight times til they are fully awake.

Once that happens they seem to be awesome batteries and I have beat the crap outta them flight wise. Once they were broke in I was getting over 5 and a half minutes of steady flips and rolls. I didn't start seeing any noticeable sag till well after 100 cycles like that. They still have good power in them and have not swelled one bit so far.