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Hey all,
I have a combat plane that has a 2.1:1 thrust ratio on a 3cell LiPo, so I thought I could get away with using an 8cell NiMh I had laying as I had a Lipo hit by a two stroke 0.25 mid flight one time, and the smoking burning mess landed in a field.
Anyway, on NiMh the plane doesn't even have enough thrust to fly, when it was capable of VTOL take offs at 1/2 throttle on a LiPo.
I did an amp check, and it is drawing only 3 amps less on NiMh.
Any thoughts?
or is this just a dumb experiment.
The fully charged v difference is only 1.6 volts. 11vs 12.6
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You might need to cycle your nixx to get up the power if it has not been used for some time.
It will normally be better every cycle up to between 5-10 cycles.


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NiMH are known for their low internal resistance, but also the tendency to become unbalanced... Also recommend cycling to balance them up.