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Help! List of components for a new project

Hello everyone,
Im going to start a project for agriculture and environmental fields.
Its a fixed wing plane and a multirotor.
Maybe the missions will be spreading and seeding for the multirotor, and mapping/monitoring for the fixed wing.
Many members shared huge information and advice, I really appreciate that, thank you.
Now the list that I formed is:
6x XXD A2211 1000kV
6x ESC 30A
2x Battery
1x Charger
1x Jumper T16
2x FPV Camera
2x receivers ( one for the fixed wing, one for the multirotor)
1x Matek F405/F722/F765 wing, Zohd Kopilot or Pixhawk for the fixed wing FC.
1x Matek F405, Matek F722, Mamba F405, Jhemcu JHF411 or Pixhawk.

The two aircrafts will have:

Any suggestions about:
The material to use
The choice of FC and receivers
FPV camera

Any remarks about all the components choosed (motor esc...) will be helpful.