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Help! Motor/ESC/BEC/ServoMotor

Good evening everyone, I work in a lab that build mechanical robot/devices.....
My manager told me that the electronic components budget is available, and I have to send a list with all the components needed.
And I want to add in the list some components that I can use it while building RC Fixed wing or Multirotor drones.
The key is to buy something that I can use whatever the project is, Quadrotor/Fixed wing, with only a camera or a payload, RC or autopilot, and every size......
In my area those are the motors available:
1100KV Sunnysky X2216
1250KV Sunnysky X2216
880KV Sunnysky X2216-11
A2212/10T 1400KV
A2212/6T 2200KV
A2212/13T 1000KV
DYS BE1806/2300KV, 2-3S
CF2812 1530KV
CF2822 1200KV
ZMR 1804 - 2400KV
EMAX XA2212 820KV
XA2212 1400KV

and for the ESC: 10A/20A/30A

For the BEC: I need more information from you guys!

For the servo motors: All the types are available, which one to pick for the fixed wing rc drone?


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Ali F
It is very unlikely that the same bits can be used regardless of what the project is. Similar sized planes may use similar bits but even then it depends exactly what the task is.
If you really just want to have 'stock' my advice is to do some research to identify the size of plane/multi rotor that you think might be appropriate, identify what electronics it uses and order the same or similar.
It would however be much more sensible to wait until you actually have a project and then find out what would be suitable for it.