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List of Video Editing Software

List a video editor you use, or one you would like to use. I will put them in a list for people just getting into this that need an idea of what people are using to make great videos.

Shotcut- Free/Windows, Linux, and Mac

Windows movie maker- Free/Windows

PowerDirector- Not free

Lightworks- Free/Windows, linux, and Mac

Black Magic DaVinci resolve- free/ Windows, Lunix, Mac

Sony Movie Studio 13- Not free

IMovie - Not free/ Mac

Final Cut Pro- Not free/ Mac

Video pad Video Editor- Free trial/ Windows
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Flite is good
I don't make great videos, but I use Windows Movie Maker for editing and Debut Video Capture Software. The video editing stuff that comes with Debut has a time limit but it is nice to use while it lasts. Debut itself is free and has no expiration. Windows Movie Maker is free and it works well but is pretty basic.
Be very very careful with Cyberlink PowerDirector. Make sure if you haven't upgraded to Windows 10 (if you are on a windows pc) that you make sure your version is compatible. The version I had I absolutely loved so I didn't want to upgrade, but then I upgraded my windows to Windows 10 and my Power Director would no longer work. I got a hold of Cyberlink and they said my only option was too purchase the latest version. No real discount, nothing. Careful.... Not only that, any "project" you have in there is useless unless you purchase the new version after Windows 10. Just some info so you don't update if you have an older version....... Learned a valuable (expensive) lesson. Still trying to figure out how to get my old projects back. They do have a tool now that you can run before upgrading to make sure your version will work.


Gravity Tester
I use VideoPad video editor. It is a free trial, but once the trial runs out you can reinstall for another trial. It is great if you make videos with only a handful of cuts and some basic video effects. If you want more I would not recommend it. Now that I am starting to make more involved edits I find the program failing me. Too may cuts and effects and the video rendering fails leaving frozen frames here and there. I am looking to upgrade to Premier Pro soon.
I use Lightworks, here, and like it a lot. Though, it is really the only one I have ever used.
Thanks for reminding me. I remember being excited a few years ago when they announced to opensource lightworks and port it to linux (and mac). Doesnt seem like they released the source yet, but the binaries are available for download for free and it ought to be really good. Downloading!