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Local Hobby Shop


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I don't even know if I can call it that, they hardly stock any parts, all they have is pretty much RTF stuff. I went for a pusher prop - nope they don't carry them at all. Super common replacement pieces you'd break in a crash? They can special order it. I just don't understand why carry products and not the stuff to fix/upgrade said products. Sorry for the mini rant it's just really ticked me off.

On a good note I really like this community, I'm new here and everyone is awesome (Everyone!) so thanks for that!


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I can see both sides, having a huge supply of parts is expensive and we live in a throw away society. Best to find an online supplier you like, brick and mortar stores have too much overhead to compete anyway.


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You have to stock what you can sell.. When tax time come around all the inventory that fails to move costs the hobby shop. It depends on your customer base and how to serve them best but if you are the only flyer and there is a ton of RC model car people well there be your answer..


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I am afraid the online shop will eventually become the only way.
Super markets can carry a wide stock range because they have a huge foot fall. The local Hobby Shop doesn't. An online shop does have a big 'electronic' foot fall and low overheads so can carry a wide range. Now even the biggest supermarkets are feeling the pressure from on line sales.