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Local r.c. get together.

What are some preparations one should make before hosting a community land and/or air R.C. hobbyists? Should there be a note of the used frequency(ies)?
Is it true that the minimum safe distance from the closest airport is 5 miles?
What other details would I need to find?


Fly Angry
Local laws regarding RC flight.

Airport proximity but technically that is not a must it just keeps you covered. Most airports have no issues as long as you keep to the under 400 ft and follow any local TFR's. Just make the initial contact polite and they will let you know if you need to be calling every time someone is flying.

Neighbors who are against the community and will call cops at every chance to cause you grief with your town.

Insurance insurance insurance if it is your property or at the very least a "club policy" to cover any problems. Anything that isolates you from the responsibility of others.

Most radio gear these days are 2.4ghz so frequency management is not an issue but there may be a few old school pilots still on 72 Mhz and should have proper flags for their channel id's. They usually hang out in small herds and are used to flying with others.

Depending on how large the club maybe consider permanent tables and pilot stations, a dedicated runway of some sort, possibly some kind of solar power or line power for charging and at least one or two fire extinguishers and a few bags of play sand for battery fires that are in a central location and easily accessed when people are there.
Make sure to have water on hand. Other refreshments are nice as well, but water is a must-have. Make sure there's a shaded area with good airflow to recover from sun exposure (or an accessible air-conditioned building). Even in the endless, eternal winter we now face, sun overexposure and dehydration are possible.

Also consider a first-aid kit for when signal cuts out and someone takes a plane to the face.