Looking for a frame sized for 9" props


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I've had my quad for a good 6 years. Built it from scratch. One part at a time. KK 2.0 flight controller. Aerodrive SK3 2826 1150kv motors. Colorfly ESC's 30amp. Flashed with simonK.
9x6 props. Futaba 6ex radio gear.

First frame was a 500 carbon. Round boom $20 special. Crashed it. Quad sat a year. Then I decided to build a frame using wood. Worked ok. Windy day. Crashed that one. Then sat for about 2 years.

About a week ago, I started to round up the parts to maybe put something together to fly again.
Gathered up everything that still works. I have all of the components working (a couple motors are rough but still rotate, barely) and ready to build. Minus a 500 size frame and my 3s lipo I had was nearly round it was puffed up so bad. I tossed it.

If anyone out there has a mid sized frame laying around as well as a lipo that is half way use able and really don't use anymore, I'd gladly take them off your hands and hopefully get my quad back up in the air.
I don't fly fpv, but It always seemed real fun to do. After watching fliitetest on YouTube, it really sparked my interest. Tho, I need to get my quad airborne before even thinking about fpv flight.
If I can get back in the air, I may keep interest in the hobby. As long as I don't keep crashing. Haha.

Many thanks.