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Looking for camera


Active member
I am looking for a camera that will take video while I am flying around. I know your first answer is GoPro, but I can imagine me losing one of those relatively quickly.
I would like something inexpensive that I can switch (velcro?) from plane to plane. It should have decent quality. I have a cheap quad that has a camera and as long as you go at a slow rate of speed the video is OK, but when I gun it, it gets blurry and choppy.


Elite member
Are you wanting an FPV camera, or just something that records while you fly?

If the latter, I can recommend this keychain camera on Amazon. It was only $27 and takes pretty decent footage. Super light and I use Velcro to switch from plane to plane.

Keychain Camera 808 1080P Wide Angle 120 Degree Nanny Cam Motion Activated Portable Pocket DV https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XY7VJL6/?tag=lstir-20

For an example of the footage it takes, check out this video: