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looking for directiong on chosing components

Dear all, if there is someone willing to take me through the basics of the components, I am currently aiming to make a hk 550 flybarless. I posted a thread in the 3d section, I am quite able with computers, hand tools and all that, but I don't know yet how to pick the correct dimensions and specs. All I know is that the tail servo has a modified gearing trading off torque for speed. But asc, gyro, I am pretty ignorant. I do want to have vital data telemetry on the transmitter, so i am actually waiting for the 9xr if there will be one before christmas.
Many many thanks!


Elemental Madness
so notice that when you are looking at the item page at the bottom there is little pictures that say "ESC" "Battery" ect. They are orange. When you click on them it will show the suggested parts for your helicopter.
Yes yes good thanks for that surely. My curiosity, my asking is more about "what would you pick" with a free budget or some specific restraints. Like, all turnigy branded, but cheaper items. Or, highest spec turnigy products, for instance.
Basically, when I see two asc or two different servos, I already get lost because I wouldn't know which to pick.
So, I am asking publically :)
Give me your suggested purchase list, and if you feel like it tell me why, too. So I can learn about how to evaluate specs, like torque grams, angular speeds, peak currents, motor characteristics, gearing.
My 550 should be very mellow, I would trade in harsh knife edged 3D flicks for flight duration and realistic flight (including a weak tail rotor) any time.
Thanks for your ideas!


Elemental Madness
ah, I see. Well I'm not a heli guy so you will have to find someone who knows them better. Just find equivalents to the suggestions but Turnigy brand.
Ok thanks! I didnt know that items are so much model specific. I am really hoping other people will comment freely on this :)
Would be great to have many alternative lists to ponder on...
Thanks again!

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I'm using this tail servo on my nitro Hawk Pro 55o size heli. It's metal gear and wicked fast. So far it's been amazing. The tail holds very well and I've no issues with it at all and I'm only using the HK 401 gyro.
and Gyro

You are better off having a cheaper gyro and expensive servo than you are having an expensive gyro and cheap servo. This combination is working great for me. If you are going flybarless then I suspect this servo will do very well for you there as well. It's very important to have a servo that is centers well. Lightning fast is great but it's more important to have one that will respond correctly to the gyro inputs. Metal gears are always better especially in the cyclic and even more so in a flybarless system because you don't have the flybar helping. Your servo load is much higher in FBL systems. I looked at the recommended servos and I think they are a quality unit that would do very well for you. The reviews are mixed, it doesn't look like they have been out very long.

As far as your other questions, I've got a Blade 400 with a bunch of aluminum upgrades and metal servos but I haven't messed with changing the power system. I have heard great things about the Turnigy typhoon motors though.

For all things that fly, you have to trust in your gear. I've had servos fail in planes and it's sometimes manageable and sometimes not. Every single time a servo fails in a helicopter it's going to be catastrophic. That said, you can get great deals on things that may work well forever but it you don't have confidence in your gear you aren't going to enjoy the flights. I don't mind paying more for a name brand item if I feel confident that I won't have to worry about it. Yet, my nitro heli has cheap cyclic servos and hobbyking gyro and blue arrow tail servo and it flies like a dream and I'm very confident in it. I started with a good deal so I don't have much money tied up in it if I crash but if I were building a nice heli from the ground up you can bet that I would have top of the line equipment in it. I'm actually looking at building a gas heli or a bigger nitro next spring. It's not going to be cheap and you just have to know that going in.

If you have any more specific questions look me up. There's only a few of us heli guys on here but we're more than willing to help.
Hi everyone! I have moved the conversation into another thread:


Let's merge there then!