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Looking for HZ Champs or other trainers

I am looking for Champs or parts. I got a few of my neghborhood kids hooked now since I brought out my Champ for them to try out. Unfortunately, a couple of them don't have the money to buy them, so I figured I would see what I could get for them to start out with. Even parts would be good. I am very familiar with the Champ so piecing them together would not be hard. I mention the Champ because I know it well, but I would consider other recommendations/offers for good starter planes. I am not trying to get for free, but couldn't afford retail for that many planes, lol. My own RC habit costs me enough! :rolleyes:

I appreciate all offers.

Thank you,



Junior Member
It's nice to see you are contributing to the RC community! If you want some cheap new micro planes, try hobbyking and nitro planes. They have micros priced at around $60. Other than that all i can say is try ebay