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Looking for Mid-sized, Packable plane for FPV?


Beginner Crasher
Hey all!

So, I've been tossing an idea around in my head for a little while now and since I can't seem to find what I'm looking for after a few days of internet searching and hobby store browsing I figured I should bring it here and get some help on the matter!

My main idea is that I want to be able to bring a plane with me when I travel (which I do a fair bit for work) that I can fly in relatively small areas (parking lots or parks) either LOS or FPV and have a bit of fun while I'm away. My problem in selecting something like this is that in my research the best planes like this seem to be Bix3's and other basic planes that are all roughly 1500mm wide, a little too big for me to travel with or fly in smaller areas. The other end of the spectrum is something like the UMX Radian, which I love, but it's not quite big enough for an FPV setup and it's much more glider than active plane.

I'm an intermediate pilot with a FT Racer, RCExplorer Tricopter, Nano quad, and Night Vapour in my hangar all using a Turnigy 9XR Tx with DSMX module. My current FPV gear is very small, only a 7" LCD mounted to the Tx and a small 100mW 5.8GHz Tx from HK which I plan on replacing soon since it was a very cheap starter-setup.

So, the question: what do you guys recommend for me in a small, easy-to-fly but packable plane that can carry a small FPV system? I would like to put everything into a small tote (less than 22" long or about) so I can pack it into the work vehicle and when I have a moment to fly just drag out the tote, put a wing on, install batteries, check, and fly!

What do you think? Does it exist? Is it relatively cheap or is it going to be fragile? I'm well aware of the "you get two of the above; time, money, or quality, but never all three.

Thanks in advance and happy flying!