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Solved Looking for retract servos

Does anyone know where to get cheap low rpm high torque servos? Looking for mini size for the wingtip retracts for my PBY. The normal servos just didn’t have enough torque


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i know such servos is to be found, not mini though.. where is more a question.... but, you also have a possibility to use a retract servo controller to set up servospeed as you want, on any servo.


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No, torque cant be adjusted anyway, in any servo. Get a servo that have the torque you wanted, and buy a retract servo controller , or another digital adjustable servo that have enough torque. The more torque wanted, the bigger servo though..


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Hitec HS-75BB (Retract Servo)
Purpose designed retract servo suitable for 40-60 size models.

Spektrum A7040HV (Retract Servo)
High torque, slow speed, metal gear suitable for large models.

Not cheap.


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Make sure they move in & out easily without binding or slop and remember, pull hard up elevator for out, roll inverted for in if they get stuck, you'll be golden. Been my experience they usually get stuck inside, and if they stick hanging out..... well it won't be so fast. Be advised I prefer my gear down and welded.