Lot of Spektrum RX'S


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Switched to Futaba, have upwards of 15 to 20 spektrum, and orangeRx DSMX and DSM2 receivers. Almost all of the spektrum ones are the AR636A and I have 4 of those. Most all of them are 6 channel, a few 8 channels. The 8 channels have signal telemetry and rx pack voltage telemetry. The AR636A RX'S also have the same telemetry plus the gyro for SAFE technology. Make me some offers. PayPal works. Thanks.


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Out of curiosity, epiper, what made you switch to Futaba? I just talked to one of the IMAC competitors this weekend who said he went with Futaba because he found a deal for $350 for something like an 18 channel radio with case and 3 receivers...And he really liked the feel of the radio.

The downside of it is that his dad has a bunch of BNF planes from Horizon Hobby, so they had to keep a Spektrum radio to keep those planes flying...