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For dual lock I do what I always do to stop paper peeling. Just stick a little bit of CA under the paper and press it back down. If you want better distribution of the force, you could add a plywood piece in between. To get it off more gently, I actually misalign the sides so that I can easily peel the battery off bit by bit instead of unhooking the whole thing all at once.


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I think I have always tried to maintain a practice of adding velcro straps wherever the battery goes. I always have that fear that something like that would happen to me. When I built the FT Storch (1st plane I built), I didn't do that and I had the battery underneath the power pod. I ended up wedging some pieces of foam in there to hold it better. But since then I have always done the straps.

Glad to hear you got through your experience ok without damage. :)

One of those things, I guess...I thought everything was good with it being wedged in and the velcro where it was, but apparently the velcro wasn't enough to keep it from moving, and one of those things I didn't find out about until I got it down...