Maidened my Mini Scout!


When I checked my CG, I was a little nervous because my AUW was 234g with a small 2s battery, which was 75% heavier than the spec sheet lists. I made her out of the Elmer's foamboard so I knew it would be heavy. I grabbed another battery (a 1300 3s) and that seemed to balance her perfectly, although I did have to wedge it in there. It was windier than I would like, but I've been itching to fly this one for a while.

My past experience has been years ago with a Hobbyzone Duet that only flew directly into the nearest blackberry bushes. Then a few months ago, I got a Night Vapor which has been so much fun when the weather outside is undesirable. I was reignited to fly for real... something I made. This Mini Scout is now my 4th FT plane I've made, all cut on my laser and it's been so much fun and I can't wait to build the next one.

There is just something about the first flight that is super special. It could float right out of your hand into the most graceful flight, or it could all end in heart-wrenching plunge with electronics and foam bits scattered all over. When you have done all the work to make the plane, following all the instructions to a T and she looks great. You've done your preflight, checked, doublechecked, everything looks like it is a go... you have the throttle up, you can feel the power of the prop washing against you and you give it the first toss, there is an anticipation, a joy, an excitement like nothing else.

Today, the Mini Scout flew amazingly! It flew right out of my hand and didn't even need trim. It handled the 7-15mph wind like a champ. Although I did let it get a little too far behind me for a bit, I was able to fight through and get the plane back in front of me. It felt SO GOOD! Landing went smoothly, no drama. I look forward to many more flights with this one. (These pics are from after the flight.) Now to put some color on it!