making multiple 1s batteries out of 3s battery for tiny whoop


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Hi all,

I have tried converting a 3s 300mah battery into 3x 1s batteries for my redpaws FPV whoop . The problem I´m having is that once I connect the newly extracted 1s battery to the drone, the motors immediately start moving at full speed. The desired behaviour would be for a led to light up as it happens with all the rest 1s batteries I had purchased.

I am guessing there´s some type of protection circuit connected to the factory 1s lipo batteries. Does anyone have more information about what they are and how can i get hold of one?

Thanks :)


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Problem Found! It seems it wasn´t a protection circuit but the order of the ground and positive cables. In the 1s batteries that you buy the order is in the opposite as the 1s cable connectors that I bought. I have changed polarity and it works perfectly. Does anyone know if there is any standard to this? thanks anyway!


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Generally,most of small lipo battery haven't a protection circuit, especially the 1s battery, it does not even need balance plug . So what the problem you said may be due to the discharge rate