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tiny whoop

  1. C

    Tiny Whoop Doesn't Have Enough Power

    When flying my Whoop it will either suddenly drop to the ground and come back up as I'm hovering, or not be able to catch itself even at full throttle when descending. I've tried re-soldering the power connector, and I've fully taken apart and put it back together twice. I use a standard...
  2. B

    Requesting Anything

    I am a high school student and I recently (September 2017) bought a $35 quad that can go pretty fast outside and I really enjoy flying and after that I now want to get a faster FPV quad, that I could learn to fly with. I don’t have anything yet besides the transmitter that came with that quad...
  3. H

    tiny whoop build, need parts

    I am a 12 year old kid who would like to get started with fpv.I have experience building RC vehicle because me and my friend built peter sripol's 3d printed hovercraft.I was told by that the best way to start learning how to fly acro mode and fpv is with a tiny whoop.I am starting with a tiny...
  4. B

    Tiny Santa (Tiny Whoop) Delivers Candy Canes

    Amazon and UPS drone delivery services have nothing on Tiny Santa. The carrying capacity is MUCH less though;). Merry Christmas! - Dustin
  5. A

    Tiny Whoop Camera Issue

    Hey everyone, I'm having problems with some tiny whoop cameras. At least I'm assuming its the cameras. Flight times are down to about 20 seconds on a fully charged battery no matter what I do, the whoop just decides its done. I have tested all kinds of batteries, new and old, I've tried many...
  6. S

    Inductrix Blade Conversion question...

    Hello, I have a Inductrix Blade that I have recently put a Super Mini 25mw VTX camera I got from FliteTest on. The install went good, but I have about half the airtime for the quad that I had before adding the camera. I use to get a good 3+ minutes just cruising around, now it less that 2...
  7. B

    Inductrix Pro Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm having a very annoying issue with my new Inductrix pro FPV which has been racking my brains for a couple of days now. I have bound my Taranis (with Orange Rx Module) to the quad but when i go into the Receiver tab in Betaflight the Roll slider is stuck at the one end. I...
  8. J

    Flysky Torrent 110?

    I have a 250 quad currently, and ordered an Eachine Turbine (A slightly larger tiny whoop) because I liked FPV so much and wanted to fly inside. I found it slightly under powered and the frame had crap durability (its currently held together by hot glue and hope) but it was still SO fun to fly...
  9. S

    Binding a Flysky beecore

    So, I've been messing with this for an hour or two, and still can't get it. What am I missing??? I have: switched to AFHDS soldered together the bind pads followed pretty much every single video on YT Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. S

    Tiny Whoop in a big city?

    Hi, I am traveling to the Big Apple tomorrow, and wanted to know if anyone could provide their two cents on any rules/ regulations that they know of. I am aware of the FAA's regulations - but I'm staying well away from airports and it only weighs about 21 grams. Haha. Take, for example, Central...
  11. F

    Tiny Kwad HD Camera Mod how to video for your gremlins

    Hi everyone, My name is Jake I've been an author on Flitetest for about 5 years now. But, I've never posted to the forum before! My friend Fred cleaned the article section up and my short to the point style doesn't really match the article flow. Like everyone I have a bunch of responsibilities...
  12. R

    Discharging 1s lipos

    Hey guys, I've been into quadcopters for quite some time and I've hade a tiny whoop for a while. I still don't know exactly how to discharge batteries. I normally fly at least six packs a day but I recently put it off due to weather. I left my (6x) 1s 255 mah HV lipos at about 25% charge after...
  13. J

    I want a gremlin... (can't decide on a drone)

    I recently got an Eachine QX70 (https://www.ebay.com/p/?iid=371843981009&lpid=82&&&ul_noapp=true&chn=ps) and it was really fun, but I was unimpressed with its build quality. I have covered the thing in hot glue trying to fix it. I really want a tiny whoop that could withstand my flying, but was...
  14. HilldaFlyer

    Foam Whoop

    Foam Whoop HilldaFlyer April 2017 DIY replacement frame for Inductrix or Tiny Whoop made from foam core board. The punishing winter indoor flying season took its toll on my Inductrix / Tiny Whoop. Overall I was really satisfied with the durability of the Induxtrix. A friend at my club 3D...
  15. R

    TIny Whoop Issue

    I recently bought a DSMX Beebrain for my tiny whoop. I tried to connect it to beta flight but have had no luck connecting it. I have tried 7 different micro USB cords and don't know what to do. Please help!
  16. X

    BeeBrain Flight Controller & BetaFlight - Input Delay

    Hello FT community, I just built my first quad and am having a few issues I don't know how to fix. The first being a pretty large delay between my transmitter and my quad. I'm using beta flight and a bee brain flight controller with a DX6. I'm not sure what setting will lower that delay. Also, I...
  17. X

    BeeBrain Flight Controller - Tiny Whoop

    Hellow everyone, so I'm having some trouble binding my BeeBrain FC to my DX6. I've tried holding the bind button on the FC, and holding it while plugging in the battery and my DX6 will not bind to the stupid thing! Also, Beta flight won't recognize the quad when it's plugged in.... I just...
  18. T

    Tiny whoop flight times

    Hey hey, so I just got into drones and picked up a premade tiny whoop, had 4 min flight times before and now they are just crap, 1 minute or less. I read the 1s lipos have like 30 cycles so I thought my batteries were done. Just got 10 new ones and same issue, so I switched my motors, no...
  19. T

    My Tiny Whoop only flies for 10 seconds - HELP?!?!

    I bought a Blade Inductrix and upgraded the motors to Tiny Whoop 19,000Kv, the batteries to Nanotech 200mah 35c - 75c 1s and added an FPV cam. It flew ok with no mods but now it will only fly for 10 seconds before it plummets to the ground. When I check the batteries the voltage is 4.00v so I...
  20. M

    Inductrix tiny whoop cutout issue

    Installed the inductrix board into a carbon fiber/aluminum frame with upgraded motors and fpv camera. Problem is, the power to the motors will cut out, where the camera will stay on but the lights on the controller board dim out and motors stop. Switching batteries work only sometimes. There...