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Me-163 Komet!!!


Propaganda machine
There are many things that HK can be accused of, but not sourcing some really cool models is an offence they can't be accused of. The Vampire is the only model of this aircraft I've seen. The Quicksilver is the only ultralite I've seen modelled. The Zephyr looks to be a cracking hotliner. The funfighter series are an amazing take on warbirds (ESC issues aside). We're all champing at the bit for the Lancaster, which previously has only been done as a huge gasser.

Well, here's a plane I really love, transmogrified into foam: the Me-163. Unfortunately they couldn't put a rocket motor in the back, but the power generating prop at the front is the powerplant. It looks to be based on the funfighter principle of a high kv motor with 4s (according to Scott, a 2200 4s), but with flight characteristics of a flying wing.

Very, very cool. I'm expecting the FT boys to get one of these and put a dummy rocket on the back similar to the F-18 afterburners...


Full Circle
I love how everything is close to scale for the Komet. Even the propeller is scale as the real one had a tiny propeller in the front to generate electricity to the cockpit.

WooHooo! Rocket motors on planes! I love that, especially when it works!