Me 163 Komet with rocket engine


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I was just wondering if it would be possible to make a me 163 out of foamboard with additional 3 printed mounts for the motor. I am not sure if it would work because the rocket motor would gradually reduce in weight while being at the back of the plane. Also, what would be the risks associated with launching something like this. where i live, there is a large amount of dry plants and i don't want to start a fire. what would i have to do to make this work and what are the legalities of launching something like this.


Idk much about the legal stuff on rockets but.......if you either make the plane a little tail heavy on launch, it should balance out when the engine is out, or you could have a servo that moves a small counter weight to keep the cg perfect after the motor is out. the later is obviously more complicated but should in theory work. otherwise, you could also just have preset trims set on your transmitter, so when your engine runs out you flip a switch and the plane flies level.


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I did this, i used C6-0 rocket engines, and a rocket mount with an electronic igniter. I added a magnet servo to drop the landing gear as well.

I didn’t use a moving weight or anything like that, I just flew the plane a little nose heavy after the rocket burned off.

I’ll try to post a video later.


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Didn't do Me, explored the X-1 concept where plane is dropped from transport, glides down and then fired.
Used a D-12-0 and launched it from 2 wires stuck in the ground at a 60 degree angle and the net result was the wing was too small and landed real fast. Did move elevons around as it climbed to prove I could control its flight.

Points to make:
Had elevons, fired igniter aboard using 1 cell of lipo(3.4 volts) balance and used a spare servo to close circuit. Used gear switch to ignite.
Make sure your rocket has a -0 at the end which means there is no charge to blow out the front(parachute) or it will melt your foam.
Having no one around, kept on moving back and then finally fired it. Suggest you have someone around if plane goes wonky, or you start a fire if it flops and fails.
Safety is important.



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Using caramel fuel and varying the % composition of the fuel, you can achieve approximately the same thrust. Most importantly, when pouring caramel fuel into the engine shell, there should be a rod coated with carbon grease to create a combustion channel gorenje