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Memphis FT Squadren


Flugzeug Liebhaber
I have been flying my FT Fleet at Shelby farms and night flying at Memphis Propbusters. If you have been lurking, are an old hand at the hobby, or are interested in learning in how to fly, I bring my buddy box with me and regularly pass it around so bystanders can share the experience. There will soon be other people bringing their FT fleet in the evenings.

You are allowed to fly your own at Shelby Farms if you have an AMA membership. You can always walk, but to an offload permit is required to drive to the R/C airstrip and Trap Lake if you are using floats. Park closes at sunset and you will be locked in! See billboards on site for posted sunset tables.

Memphis Propbusters has thir own website, top notch RC field, and follow AMA rules as well. There are some real characters with great advice!

Send me a notification and we'll meet up!