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Help! Mentor For School Drone Project


I'm a middle school student in California. I have an 8 month long independent study project where I chose to create a delivery drone.

For the project, I need a mentor for advice on selecting drone parts, flight training, and future steps. Does anybody know anyone who could help? Ideally, would need 1 hour a week over the phone or in person.

I plan to build and learn how to fly a professional quad and use it to deliver small payloads (1-2lbs) via FPV. I will build a drone, design and build a release mechanism, design and create parachutes, and work on my flying skills.


Ihichi Bolls

Well-known member
I saw you post this up a week or so ago.

Your best bet is to use ALL of us on the forum to draw help from. Its what we do best as a whole.

Not everyone can know all things but when many contribute some things that quickly becomes huge amount of knowlege and ideas to draw from.

There are many here that work with quads but several stick out to call on for help.

(In no particular order of knowlege)


These are the experimentors with knowlege in various types of multirotor.

I do builds and freestyle / race qauds.

Id be available for helping learn how things go together. I dont think any of us could actually commit to specific amount of time but between us probably all of your needs can be met to help you on your project.

Off forums you have painless360 and Joshua Bardwell with how to series on things before multirotor were popular to current times and softwares.

If you need a specific name to give your teacher you are welcome to use me. Contact info can be had in private if needed as well.

Edit: should proably use my main account name as this is temporary till I can get access back to it. That account is Psyborg and I have crappy youtube channel with a few how to videos under psyborg fpv.
Thank you for your reply! I will definitely take you all up on your offer. I did some research on Painless360 and Joshua Bardwell, and got some helpful information. I will let my teacher know that I have a group of mentors, with Psyborg as the Representative.
What's next?
I have to decide if I should build a drone or buy a drone. I am currently collecting information and evaluating my options. I will give you all more information over the course of the next week to help me decide.

Ihichi Bolls

Well-known member
This is a serious task to undertake. Regardless if you buy or build its not going to be cheap.

Things you will need beyond the multirotor add up fast.

Battery charger
Spare props
Maybe video gear to document it all.

What I would suggest is you contact companies like Flite Test, Rotor Riot, RaceDayQuads, Getfpv, and others to respectfully ask for sponsorship of parts.

Tell them all about the project and that people here are willing to help guide and teach you. That may get a little more serious think over helping you as you go from kid begging for gear to student looking to learn and grow.
Hi! Here's a little bit about my background with the hobby. I first started flying planes in 2016, and switched to quads in 2018. I've built a few FT planes, and have the necessary gear; Spektrum DX8, Inductrix FPV +, 3s 2200mah Batt, Charger, a Spektrum FPV monitor, and various assorted plane parts (servos, motors, Rx,ESCs). For the project, I have agreed upon a budget with my parents and teachers. I plan on staying under budget by buying a used drone or parts as well as volunteering at the local aviation museum.