Need Help for NASA Unmanned Aircraft Research Project


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Hello Flite Test Forum, my name is Amit and me and my dad are amateur RC aircraft enthusiasts who are very big fans of FliteTest. I am highschool student in the central Ohio area. I am very passionate about drones and unmanned aircraft systems. This year I have organized a research project at my school in partnership with NASA on the utilization of unmanned aircraft systems in sensing harmful algae blooms. However, we as a team are facing a problem of not having access to a drone suitable for testing out the water collection devices we have created for the project. I wanted to reach out and ask if you guys by any chance had any suggestions that could help us find a solution to our problem and help us with our project. We are looking to use a multi-copter drone that can carry a payload of around 5 pounds. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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How much payload do you actually need to pay for? Seriously.

Dpi is furnishing gear to the Ukranians up to what looks like 20kg payloads but there's others online some pricey, some cheap.