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Mentor standards of decency?

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I for one love our new outrage culture and it's fastest growing sport - the victim-hood Olympics - where words are violence and common sense, logic and facts are hate speech. Is it 1984? Or 1917?


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Hi guys.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I agree that Psyborg's comments were not in line with what our Flite Test mentors normally hold themselves to. I will discuss this with him.

I will also point out that this is poor form for Fyathyrio to make disparaging comments to a member on here, then turn around and cry fowl when the person replies in kind.

If you felt his actions were in need of correcting, that's when you should have reached out to a moderator or admin. This is more like when one child pokes their sibling, and then cries to mom when the sibling hits them back.

Please remember that as community members on this forum we're all representing the Flite Test ideals of community and friendship.
Not open for further replies.