Micro B-17 Build Log & Questions


I'm working on building a small B-17 and am looking for input before I get to far along. So far I've done a proof of concept for the wing. I'm not sure about what will be powering it yet. I have a H-power pack with of the motors. Would that work? What should my target all up weight be? The smallest 2 and 3s batteries I have are 2s 330/550mah, or 3s 850/900mah.

The mock-up has a 30" wingspan. Which makes the top of the wing at 2" and the root at 5" and an 12" wide tail.


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I wouldnt wry too much about the weight. A 30 inch wing span with 4 motors is going to be a lot of power. Understand that your basically building a quad along one axis ( ur wing) so with your current scale you could probably do 3d maneuvers with a b17. Also using 4 motor may require you to get a higher amp rated battery, so keep that in mind.