Micro DC3 Prop Questions

Hello all!

Well, I went ahead and purchased the Flyzone Micro DC3, despite negative reviews, simply because I found it for $60. At that price, I figured it was worth a try. I fabbed up gear that was 12mm longer to ensure proper prop clearance and set off to fly.

And, like others, I cannot believe how weak the props are on this guy. The plane itself is gorgeous and flies fine, but holy cow you simply look at these props and they snap.

Slightly rough landing? snap.

Take off a little too long?


A strong breeze? Snap

I have gone through 4 props so far, and being that replacements are discontinued, I had a few questions regarding possible replacements:

Will the Micro P38 props (FLZA6512) work? They look legit identical, but horizon would not give me a definitive answer on the issue

does anyone have any tips for strengthening the stock props? the blades themselves are fine, however the connection point to the shaft just snaps almost instantly

any help is appreciated. at $60, im not too worried on being out of a plane, however I really wanna get this plane back in the air
its one of my all time favorites


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Do you know the diameter and pitch of the props?
It is possible that racing drone props may be suitable. They are readily available and cheap from China.


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If you want a direct replacement (with an internal thread) then you are stuck with the original props but there are near equivalent diameter and pitch (125x90) 3 blade available (and you usually get 4 (2 CW and 2 CCW) at a time but you may have to work out a method how to fit them.
hmmm. I wonder if it would be possible to fill the inside of the quad props with some CA and drill it out to tap it with the thread? I cant imagine those motors put out a whole lot of torque


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CA is actually very brittle so would do nothing to strengthen a prop and there is always the danger that the strong chemical reactions in the CA itself could react with the prop's plastic and actually make it weaker!


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What may work for filling in the hole and rethreading is JB Weld it is used on steel and can be drilled and threaded. Cover one side of the prop hole with tape, JB Weld is semi liquid fill the hole, once hard drill and thread.

Edited ....Does this have the same motor as the Cub S I have some small prop collets and I could pull off my prop and see if these small collets would fit the shaft.