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Microaces are 1/24th profile scale airplane replica kits uniquely designed specifically after aircrafts that were flown by actual pilots in history.

microaces - 1.jpg microaces - 3.jpg

All Microaces Standard Kits come with all the parts required to build the complete airframe.

microaces - 2.jpg microaces - 5.jpg

These warbird replica's consist of a lightweight Depron Aero airframe and highly detailed stickers that build up into a profile scale micro model.

microaces - 4.jpg

The RC profile airplane kits include detailed printed stickers, carbon fiber and other components that strengthen the Depron airframe. The kits come with clear, step by step illustrated assembly manual as well as video tutorials available online. http://www.youtube.com/microacesTV

microaces - 6.jpg

All you need to add is the Spektrum AR6400 or AR6400L receiver and your DSM2 compatible transmitter and you're up and flying!
(Check out the Microaces website for a full list of what's included)

microaces - 24.jpg microaces - 10.jpg

David and Josh spent some time flying these warbirds at a local indoor event, putting these RC planes to the test!

microaces - 11.jpg

Though the stickers help reinforce the airframe, we found that they tend to get loose and bind the servos. They could be trimmed with a razor to help prevent this. We ended up pushing them back into place after each flight.

microaces - 13.jpg microaces - 8.jpg

microaces - 9.jpg microaces - 7.jpg

microaces - 12.jpg

Though it's not recommended, Josh was able to use the Vapor Li-Pocharger brick to charge the Microaces batteries.

microaces - 23.jpg microaces - 15.jpg

Josh and David had different experiences flying these micro profile planes. David found the micro warbirds to tend to tip-stall very easily, or as he would say "they are tip-stall'ee".

microaces - 16.jpg microaces - 14.jpg

For the best experience, you'll want to be very easy on the controls while flying. When the airplanes are setup correctly, they fly very nicely!

microaces - 19.jpg microaces - 18.jpg
microaces - 17.jpg

The precision cut Depron Aero airframe, detailed hi-res stickers and a fully illustrated assembly manual offer a great kit building experience and unique overall flying experience!

microaces - 21.jpg
microaces - 20.jpg

We'd like to thank Jon Porter and the team at Microaces for sending out some of these micro profile-scale kit warbird replica's for us to review!

For more information on the productions mentioned in this episode:

P51 D Mustang & Focke Wulf 190 Profile Kit RC Airplanes

Spektrum AR6400 or AR6400L Receiver
Horizon Hobby

1-Cell 3.7V 0.3A DC Li-Po Charger - (Vapor Charger)


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That is NOT a shaved head. It IS my regular length hair style (where hair grows on my head that is:rolleyes:).
I certainly would like to see Josh Bixler with a "REAL" beard and a hairy upper lip.

I was so hoping David would end up with a Mohawk:rolleyes:. Nice review and good to see David tell it like he sees it. Always enjoy your vids flitetest, eager for the next one. Lucky I have a few swapables and a tricopter to work on in the meantime.


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Cute little war birds, and they take a lot of abuse. I really appreciate the honesty from David.

When can we see a review of the green and white 3d plane in the background? It looks like a foam board or depron plane, and I have been wanting to build something like that.

Great web site guys.


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Great potential

This is a product that I wish I had thought of. Perhaps scaling up the planes 50 percent would help the flying characteristics, or lightening up the stickers. I think the planes combine a display object, craft build, and flyable plane in a very desirable manner.

I hope that the idea doesn't get stolen.


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This review is creating much too much of a stir. I think it should make MicroAces think about who they want to market this product to. They want to educate people about the planes - that seems like they're marketing to beginners and/or kids. They want to keep the flight characteristics like the original full scale planes - something attractive to strong intermediate to advanced fliers looking for something challenging.

If I was Jon, I'd think very carefully about this. Most manufacturers of warbirds spend plenty of time making the flying experience enjoyable, rather than realistic, for very good reason. If MicroAces followed the pack on flying characteristics, I'd be more likely to buy them for my kids to teach them about history and enjoy flying some really nice looking planes. Advanced fliers will have likely learnt about the history of planes they fly anyway.