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Mighty Mini Sea Otter

Not much difference, can be done with pretty much any floatplane. I decided on a 60% sea otter, small enough for the f pack (24 inch span I think) but not to small. Plans printed.


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Neither do I....
Two of These might do the trick.

$14.99 each can turn up to a 11x5 Prop, max Amps less than 15A EACH.
If Thrust Differential isn't high on your list, a single 40A ESC Should do it!!
This US Store has great prices!!! 👏👏👏👏(y)(y):cool:

Like THIS!

$15.00, 40A ESC. Their Branded Hobbywing.
I’ve been looking at those amazon power packs. B-pack equivalent motor, 30amp esc and 10inch props for 15$ Also the smaller f-pack size, same price, 2200kv, 6inch props. Have a 20$ amazon gift card so hey, why not?

Edit: just realized eBay has These at less than half the price.
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That’s how I intend it.;) I usually try to use the space as efficiently as possible, I still have a large pile of odd shaped pieces of both Ross and Adams board. I use those pieces when I need just a little extra space.