Mini P-38

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its a 20" wingspan and not sure of the weight but I made it from the extra foam board you get when you buy the stem package
Weight, or more specifically wing loading, will greatly effect the stall speed. If it flies along for a bit, then snaps left suddenly, it could be a tip stall. Maybe try giving it a tiny bit of down trim to avoid the stall. I can't wait to see this thing fly after it's all sorted out!


I got the FT transport and the kits and extra radio gear to mess around with. I don't know much about differentiating propellers but its pretty slick! That little transport plane fly's amazingly well. The foam board kits are ok kinda goofy looking so I decided to scratch build one. I laid out and cut a P-38, as a chuck glider it worked so I mounted the radio, changed the props to the standard not the pushers and tadaa it doesn't fly! It balances with paint it weighs less than one of the foam board kits. I don't get it! I'm going to attach my corel file, someone try this and see what happens. My wing and elevator are on the same incidence as the blue print I of the original airplane, Should I have changed that? Is there just not enough wing for not having any kind of air foil?


First off, I really like your idea.

Secondly, here is my two sense worth. There is a lot of good info Here. I will sum up some of the key points learned.

1. The control board MUST be oriented in the way show in the EZ build videos.
2. A wingspan of about 16" seems to work best, but I made a "glider " version with a longer wingspan and it did fine.
3. The wing does not need any airfoil, but it does need some dihedral. ( to help stabilize the plane laterally )
4. The Stabilizer needs to be angled down a couple of degrees. ( meaning the front of the stabilizer is lower then the back of the stabilizer)
5. When you go from the standard "pusher" configuration to a "tractor" , you need to switch the motors and flip the props.
6. I have found that the controller needs to be on high rates for most EZ flyers.

Hope this helps.

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