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Mini Pop Wing by Nitroplanes.com

Purchased my Mini Pop Wing from lazertoyz.com. I thought I try my hand, at a Wing, I enjoy the smaller planes, some times bigger doe not mean better, just how we all have our fun?

The Mini Pop wing I am starting out in a build, and noticing different ways they have built their wings? A per instructions the wing parts and electronics all lie on the belly, while many now have changed the push rod and horn on the top, as well modifying the electronics also to be on top, that may change the flight characteristics?

As I go along from the Review, and build I have added a note , and you will see a change . I am taking my time in my build as well my maiden flight. so I hope you enjoy the mini pop wing. And what it has to offer. Thank you for taking the time out and hope you enjoy the show?