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Mini Sportster Thrust Angle

What's up (!) with the downward thrust angle on the mini sportster?

i'm bringing this up, as I'm just now putting together another mini sportster and noticed the power pod was pointing downwards. I build a mini sportster a long while ago (pre-waterproof foam board era), and it flew like a charm. I assume that power pod also had a downward angle, but don't know.

Then, recently, I built another which lawndarted immediately. At that point I though the thrust angle might be off, but didn't notice that the power pod was actually angled.

So, I guess everything is as it should be. Just trying to avoid another lawn dart, and wanted to toss the question out to all you experts. Especially since I only see straight thrust angles on the other Mighty Minis, event the Speedster which looks very similar in shape and form otherwise.

The Hangar

Fly harder!
Actually a lot of the FT planes have some down thrust incorporated. Take the big guinea pig for example, it has some down thrust built in. I designed a mini twin motors plane that has a bit of down thrust as well. Build it to the plans and build video and it’ll fly like a dream. Good luck!